Upward Career Mobility and Transition Strategy Workshops

Choose from one of the Modules corresponding with the current stage of your career for a 1:1 hands-on workshopping session. 

If you are considering upward mobility and change in your career, we will guide you there by clarifying goals and providing strategic guidance for the next stage of your career through a workshopping and action planning session. 


Career Transition Workshops

Career Discovery
and Assessment

Identify career direction with career assessments and exercises aimed at helping you to gain clarity and direction around your career and personal interests, needs, and goals. 

Job Market Discovery and Research

Discover and research job market opportunities aligned with your skills, professional interests, and career goals.

Interview Preparation and Coaching

Prepare, plan, and rehearse for an upcoming interview. Practice responding to questions, work on confidence, clarity, communication techniques and more in two practice interview sessions. 

Professional Development Planning

Explore and map out professional development options; training, certifications, education, and self-directed learning opportunities.

Skills Analysis

Identify and name core skills, crossover skills, and skills gaps in preparation for upward career mobility and transitions.

Analyzing Options and Decision Making

Performance Coaching Session. Analyze personal and career data and narrow options to make informed decisions about occupational data and your next best steps of action. 

Goal Planning: Charting Your Course of Action

Map out yearly, quarterly, and monthly target activities and actionable steps to maintain clarity, direction, focus, and productivity, stack progress, build momentum, and achieve wins. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You will receive a 90 minute coaching session or workshop with a career coach.
  2. You will download the corresponding workbook with exercises and lessons to complete prior to your meeting.
  3. You will receive an automated link to an online calendar to self schedule a 90 minute session. 
  4. You will spend 90 minutes working together with your career coach in a workshopping strategy session helping you analyze your data, make decisions, and map out an action plan with next steps. 

You will begin executing on the action items defined in the session. If you need one of the other workshops, you may purchase additional workshops at a discounted rate.

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