We are a specialized group psychotherapy practice treating mental health and work-related needs of corporations, executives, and professionals.

We work with high achievers--organizations, executives, and professionals--to manage wellness and performance needs such as job stress and burnout, work related anxiety, trauma, and depression, ADHD, workplace conflict, and partnership disputes, communication, business coaching, workplace engagement, career performance and upward career mobility.

Our team is cross-trained in workforce development and mental health and we specialize in people and culture. 


Areas of Specialization

Corporate Psychotherapy

Corporate Wellness, Workplace Psychology,  Psychotherapy, and Performance Coaching.

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for individuals at work. Anxiety, Stress, Burnout, Depression, Trauma, and Relationships.

Career Counseling

Upward Career Mobility, Career Transitions, and Career Decisions, and Work Performance.

Performance Coaching

Uncover Blocks, Make Micromovements, Stack Progress, Build Momentum, Achieve Goals, Create Wins, Increase Motivation.

HR Management and Organizational Consulting

Smarter, Stronger, Better. Healthy and High Performing Teams and Workplaces.

Executive Coaching

Professional development, career, leadership, and management coaching for high performers. 


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