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Workplace Mental Health

Our network of consulting psychologists—Corporate Psychotherapists, Executive Performance Coaches, and Organizational Psychologists—partner with people to deliver high impact solutions. Through psychotherapy, performance coaching, and professional development, we empower leaders and teams to thrive.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

•Corporate Wellness and Mental Health Workshops

•Leader and Team Psychology Coaching

•Corporate Mental Health and EAP

Our expertise spans areas such as Occupation and Career, Work-Life Wellness, Mental Healthcare, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Professional Development, Decision-Making, Group and Team Relations, Leadership, and Performance Management.

Our expertise lies in corporate and workplace mental health, catering to high achievers. We assist those facing various challenges, including job stress and burnout, work-related anxiety, trauma, depression, ADHD, workplace harassment, conflict, partnership disputes, communication issues, workplace engagement, decision-making, career performance, and upward career mobility.



We listen. We understand. We strategize. 

Our specialized training in Corporate Psychotherapy and Organizational Psychology equips us to address the unique needs of the Modern Workforce and Modern Employees. With a thoughtful and targeted approach, we employ both bottom-up and top-down strategies to foster the well-being and high performance of individuals and organizations alike. Experience the transformative power of our expert guidance, creating a healthier and more successful workplace.


Stronger, Smarter, Better

Gain greater awareness, make the unknowns known, and execute strategies that improve both wellness and performance in life and work.

Our clients experience transformative progress, gaining renewed hope and motivation while uncovering valuable insights that lead to lasting change. Our mission is to empower individuals to understand themselves better—identifying blocks and drives—to become more adept problem solvers and show up thoughtfully and peacefully in both life and work. Together, we will embark on a journey of discovery and growth.



Learn the Mind  

Our psychodynamic approach empowers individuals and organizations to achieve heightened self and other awareness, revealing the unknowns and implementing strategies that enhance wellness and performance in both life and work.

We empower individuals to deepen self-awareness and understand others by delving into emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns. Leveraging these insights, we cultivate new skills, embracing authenticity, and enhancing overall functioning with a compassionate approach that honors the human experience.

Organizational Mental Health 

Discover Specialized Psychotherapy and Performance Coaching for Corporations, Executives, and Professionals.

We cater to high-achievers, offering support in navigating job stress, burnout, anxiety, trauma, and more. Our experts address diverse needs, including confidence, ADHD, workplace conflict, partnership disputes, communication, workplace engagement, career performance, transitions, and upward mobility.

Our consultants are highly skilled in a range of modalities, including Psychodynamic Psychotherapy,

Organizational Behavior, Management Consulting, Performance Coaching, Stress Management, PTSD and Trauma Therapies, Relationship Counseling, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Career Counseling. Experience a tailored approach to mental health and performance enhancement.


In-House TeleHealth Services for Organizations and Professionals

Telehealth for individuals and employees In-House for Organizations providing Psychotherapy, Coaching, Consulting, and Training as an employee benefit.

Corporate Psychotherapy

Corporate Wellness, Workplace Psychology,  Psychotherapy, and Performance Coaching

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for individuals. Stress, Burnout, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Relationships

Career Counseling

Upward Career Mobility, Career Transitions, and Career Performance

HR Management and Organizational Consulting

Smarter, Stronger, Better. Healthy and High Performing Teams


Performance Coaching

Performance Psychology to Uncover Blocks, Make Micromovements, Stack Progress, Build Momentum, Achieve Goals, Create Wins and Motivation

Executive Coaching

Professional development, career, leadership, and management coaching for high performers 


Specializing in workplace mental health and organizational management, our consultants excel at empowering individuals to become the best versions of themselves in both life and work.


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