Insights from the Couch: What Your Leaders Aren't Telling You About Their Jobs and Their Well-being*

What We Can Do Right Now to Keep Them Healthy and Invested

Join Dr. Kristen Tolbert, Founder and CEO of The ACP Group, along with our Executive Psychologists and other visiting executive healthcare experts as they share insights gleaned from thousands of thoughtful conversations with our nation's leaders.


  • Network and connect with fellow leaders from the nation’s top firms.
  • Gain insights from industry-leading executive health experts.
  • Explore strategies for engaging and retaining high-performing leaders.


Join us as we discuss the unspoken challenges and experiences of the nation's top executives. 

Through intimate conversations and expert insights, discover what truly shapes the roles and well-being of today's leaders.

Gain valuable perspectives on how to support and empower leaders for greater success and well-being within your organization.

Also, discover the hottest trends and priorities in corporate wellness, executive mental health, and leader development over the next year. Discover firsthand insights into the strategies that leading companies are implementing this year.

Reserve your seat today for an unforgettable journey into the hearts and minds of our fellow leaders.

Don't miss this opportunity to be in the room with like-minded professionals to gain exclusive insights and conversation. 


*At our firm, we have analyzed data from a diverse group of leaders across various industries. Our findings are presented in aggregated and generalized forms, allowing us to share valuable high-level insights that impact most leaders while ensuring that no personal information or identities are disclosed.


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