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Our consultants possess a unique blend of organizational and psychological health expertise, empowering organizations to become smarter, stronger, and healthier workplaces. 


Collaborative Performance Psychology and Consulting

Partner with our dynamic and collaborative team of clinicians and consultants who are committed to fostering a fun and supportive environment where we work together to enhance health, wellness, and success in our communities and workplaces. We create positive and long-lasting impacts with smart, affirming, and high-level strategic client care.

Our consultants are fueled by intellectual curiosity and embrace radical self and other awareness. We proactively seek strategic advice and guidance to continuously enhance our expertise and performance. 

Our group collaborates as a consulting-style team, engaging with management and psychotherapy consultants. Continuously seeking growth and development, we actively participate in ongoing corporate psychology and performance psychology training. By combining our expertise, we form strategic treatment teams, delivering holistic and comprehensive solutions to address a wide range of needs.


CEO and Founder 

Kristen Tolbert, Ed.D., LPC 

Kristen is the CEO and Founder of The ACP Group and the founder of a corporate healthcare technology startup.  

Kristen has worked with clients in many industries and has spent the past ten years engaged in research and development involving workplace wellness and performance management. She previously worked as an executive coach with The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and she has consulted numerous teams and executives in various industries, including Law, Tech, the MBB Firms, Big Four Accounting, Healthcare, and Entrepreneurship.

In her private practice, she works with professionals and organizations to help them manage individual and team wellness, performance, and communication skills. Kristen practices blended psychodynamic psychotherapy (insight, process, depth-oriented talk therapy) and performance coaching.

Kristen has completed the one-year program for psychoanalytic training at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis and is engaged in ongoing studies. She holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and a Master's in Counseling Psychology. Her work and research interests are in corporate wellness, focusing on organizational psychodynamics and performance coaching.  

Kristen and her team also provide training, mentoring, and board-required Clinical Supervision to Professional Counselors seeking state board licensure through ACP's Residency Program.

Consulting Psychologist Network

The consulting psychologists in our network are highly skilled, elite industry experts, each with a minimum of 15 years of high-level experience and elevated subject matter expertise. Our network provides psychotherapy, performance coaching, training, and professional development for leaders, individuals, and teams. 

Our consultants are highly experienced professionals who specialize in corporate environments, working closely with executives and teams. Their objective is to build dynamic and innovative learning teams of people who are emotionally supported and tactically resourced, resulting in strong leaders and teams who prioritize critical deliverables while navigating challenging personnel and workplace events.

Our client roster includes executives, professionals, and teams from firms such as McKinsey, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, NBA, NFL, The White House, The Senate, The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, MIT, Twitter, Meta, Google, Netflix, Apple, Cooley, DLA Piper, Healthcare Organizations, and more. 


"The daily challenge of dealing effectively with emotions is critical to leadership because our brains are hardwired to give emotions the upper hand."


Bradberry & Greaves, Leadership 2.0

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