Associates in Corporate Psychotherapy is a specialized group of consulting psychotherapists addressing work-related mental health and performance needs of corporations, executives, and professionals.


We are seeking PsyPact Authorized Licensed Psychologists with Executive Experience for a Remote Corporate Psychotherapy role with our firm, which is operating in several metro locations throughout the United States.


Candidates with the below qualifications are welcome to apply. Please send a cover letter and resume.


Associates in Corporate Psychotherapy is a specialized group of psychotherapist consultants who work with corporations, executives, and professionals' career and work-related performance and mental health needs.


We work with individuals and organizations to provide psychotherapy, executive coaching, and corporate professional development services.


We treat workplace performance and mental health. We work with executives, senior career-level professionals, and high-achievers experiencing stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, ADHD, and other work and career-related issues.


We strive to be a fun, learning, and collaborative group of consulting clinicians who value working together to help improve the health and wellness of people in our communities and workplaces. We practice smart, affirming, and high-level strategic care.


Our consultants practice radical self-awareness and curiosity and regularly engage in peer consultation and self-reflection.


We are recruiting PsyPact Authorized Licensed Psychologists to provide Telehealth psychotherapy and executive performance coaching services with our group.




-Contracted Remote TeleHealth Executive Psychotherapists operating in major metropolitan cities throughout the United States.


-Income Range: Senior Corporate Consulting Psychotherapists earn $150hr-$200hr (fee-for-service) based on contract engagements, reimbursement, degree/licensure, experience, and subject matter expertise.


-Senior Corporate Consulting Psychotherapists have 10-15 years of clinical experience and five years of organizational leadership experience with specialization and elevated subject matter expertise. Five years of working knowledge of the culture of top professional services firms (tech, management consulting, accounting, law). Five years of experience working with executives and professionals in corporate environments.


-This role requires a high level of responsiveness and collaboration on projects.


-Able to provide 10-20 billable hours weekly.


-Must be licensed to practice independently (Ph.D., Psy.D).


-Business Acumen with experience in private practice or group practice is preferred.


-Tolerance and stamina for change within a growing business and startup environment. Must be able to tolerate change and be an active contributor to problem-solving as part of a consulting team.


-Executive presence with experience working with executives and professionals. Exude interpersonal aptitude, professional affect, and technical competence.


-Experience working with corporate clientele, workforce issues, and working knowledge of the culture of top professional services firms (tech, management, accounting, law).


-Must have subject matter expertise and theoretical orientation to support the conceptualization of case matters. Interest or experience with Psychodynamic/Analytical work (insight-oriented, depth psychology preferred).


-Subject matter experts are desirable in one or more of the following areas: Executive Mental Health and Career Issues; Workplace, Occupational, Business, and Career issues; Corporate Clientele, Team Dynamics, Work Conflicts, and Relationships; Stress, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD; Trauma, and Grief.


-Demonstrate subject matter expertise in areas within psychotherapy, workplace dynamics, occupational stressors, career and job mobility, management, and leadership coaching.


-Committed to contributing and working with a consulting psychotherapy and performance coaching team. We work within a management and psychotherapy consulting framework, engage in workplace psychology and psychodynamic professional development, and work in a strategic consulting team.


-Opportunities for additional projects, coaching, professional development, and career and income growth. Grow with us!


-This is a Remote Telehealth Independent Contractor / 1099 Role

-Make your own hours and schedule.

-Please send a cover letter and resume.

Employment Type: Contract


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