Client Results and Testimonials

  • "You are my secret weapon." Attorney in Strategy Sessions
  • "Great news! I got the job! I think it will be a very good fot for me. I did a good job of answering the tough interview questions; I used the tips you gave me. Thanks again. I really appreciate your advice." Project Manager in Career Transition  
  • "You are smart as a whip and know your stuff. You walk me through problems and make them seem less complicated. You sympathize well and understand my pain." Law Enforcement Professional in Strategy Sessions 
  • "I would love to share with you my success story about how you guided me through career reinvention. I got the job in DC! I am just waiting for the official offer which I expect to be here by Friday. Thank you so much!" Senior Executive in Career Reinvention
  • "I love the way you think. I am so glad you are my coach. I don't want my competition to know about you." Surgeon in Strategy Sessions 
  • “I wasn't sure what to expect, but Dr. Tolbert did an amazing job of getting to know me, exploring my strengths and helping me to prepare for interviews. Dr. Tolbert went above and beyond in helping me prepare for a recent opportunity. She made time for me under a tight deadline and really invested herself in the process. She provided a framework for me to present myself in the interview in a way that was effective and completely novel to me. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Tolbert, her insight, and attitude.” Attorney in Interview Preparation
  • “For me, knowing what the next step is very helpful; now the next step is clearer. This is helping me break it down into digestible options to help me see potential futures. I was feeling like I really don’t know where to go with all of this. I feel like the talk today helped me to cement ideas because I had SO many ideas.”  Early Careerist in Career Discovery 
  • "Hi Kristen, I hope you had a good weekend. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in the job search process. Your advice and interview preparation helped give me the confidence and practice I needed to get the positions. I got 3 offers after interviews with 4 companies and accepted the job I wanted at [redacted] Capital! I will be signing up for a follow-up session with you to recap my goals and personal development. Thanks again," Financial Analyst in Performance Coaching Sessions
  • "This was very helpful. It helps to know that I am not the only one who feels this way. I feel so much better about my situation after speaking with you." Educational Administrator in Executive Coaching Sessions
  • "I always feel more clear after speaking with you." Clinician in Career Reinvention
  • "Thank you so much. This was an incredible call." Attorney in Executive Coaching Sessions
  • "My job and career continue to be amazing; thank you so much for helping me with my career transition! I'm happy about my job almost every day I go to work."  Ph.D. Academic transition into Industry in Career Reinvention 
  • "Guess what? I got the job. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help with the interview prep." Paralegal in Interview Preparation
  • "Hi Kristen, Things have been going really great in my new job. I'm the most satisfied with my career that I've ever been. There's lots of variety in what I work on, and I am using my creative problem-solving skills all the time and spending lots of time with my Dad." Ph.D. Professor turned entrepreneur in Career Reinvention Program
  • “You prepared me very well. I stayed focused and answered everything better than I expected."  Paralegal in Job Transition Preparation 
  • "You are so easy to talk to. I appreciate having someone who understands to talk with and I value our sessions. You offer a refreshing perspective." Attorney in Executive Coaching Sessions 
  • “I was well prepared going into the interview. The review and practice we did together helped me to answer the questions very well." Paralegal in Job Transition Preparation 
  • “This was a very helpful conversation. You helped me to think of things I had not considered. I really enjoyed speaking with you.” Attorney in Executive Strategy Sessions
  • “Wow! This has been extraordinarily helpful.” Attorney in The Action Plan Strategy Session 
  • “This was the best call I have had in a long time. I got way more out of this consultation than I anticipated.” Financial Analyst in Consultation Call 
  • "The exercises have been really helpful. The 360-degree feedback exercise is excellent." Management Consultant in Career Reinvention Program   
  • "Thank you, Dr. Tolbert! I sincerely do appreciate how educated and knowledgeable you are and I'm excited to feel like I'm headed in a direction now. The template and resume look great, I'm working on that now." Director of Business Development in Career Reinvention Program 
  • "Before I came to see you I was unsure about whether to stay in my current role that was burning me out or to pursue other options and get back into rebuilding my business. After our first session, I have much more clarity, direction, and ideas about how to move forward and I am already feeling so much relief. I am really looking forward to the following sessions." Business Development Executive and Entrepreneur in Career Reinvention Program 
  • "This program has been so helpful. I was so burnt out and crying every day about my job as a litigation attorney. You helped me to see opportunities that I didn't know existed and reinvent myself using the skills and background that I have even though I was ready to throw it all away and walk away from law completely." Attorney in Career Reinvention Program 
  • "The 360-degree feedback exercise was tremendously helpful in helping me see where my innate talents and skills are and who I am professional. After just two sessions, I already have a better sense of direction in my career when I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do when I started." Entrepreneur in Career Reinvention Program 
  • "After just one meeting I am already feeling like I have a better sense of direction and the opportunities that exist for me. You are really easy to talk to and I can tell that you really care and are interested in my progress." Attorney in Career Reinvention Program 
  • “When I first went to see Kristen, I was in one of the most unhappy periods of my life. I did not know what goals I wanted to pursue in my career, or how to balance and prioritize my various life goals. Kristen helped me to introspect deeply and to really figure out what was most important to me in life. She was very encouraging and helped me to feel good about myself, to feel cheerful in the face of adversity, and to enjoy the present in spite of concerns about the future. I left every session feeling better than I had felt coming in, and after just a few sessions, I felt like I had a much better idea of what I wanted out of life and how to achieve it. Kristen is a very good listener, and she helped me to figure out what was really important to me by listening carefully to my scattered thoughts and helping me to organize them. Unlike another therapist whom I have worked with, I did not feel that Kristen was imposing any of her beliefs or values on me. Rather, she helped me to look inside myself better and provided me with psychological tools and technical expertise to deal with my challenges. She was full of practical ideas for concrete steps that I could take to understand myself and my options in life better. I recommend Kristen enthusiastically and without reservations to anybody who is struggling with their career goals or their path in life." University Professor in Career Discovery and Job Search Program 
  • “Extremely helpful. Focused my answers and talking points. Five stars.” Attorney in Job Transition Preparation
  • "Kristen was masterful at helping my shift me from a full-time salesperson to a business coach, and finally to a marriage coach. There were a lot of fears around money shifting from salary plus commission to full-time entrepreneur with my own practice. She believed in me and kept my confidence high even in the darkest times. When everybody else thought I was crazy and my family was begging me to go get a regular J O B again, Kristen was there for me and she saw me all the way thru. Now I refer all my marriage coaching clients to her when they are re-entering the workforce. Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or thinking of jump off it like I did, talk to Kristen first." Relationship Coach, Career Discovery and Entrepreneur Track
  • The exercises have been very helpful. I am seeing things much more clearly and able to better articulate what it is that I can do as I make this career transition." CEO in Career Reinvention Program 
  • "Coming to you has been very helpful and I always feel better after our sessions. You are a genius and I love your ideas. I have renegotiated the terms of my position to contract with my company on my terms and I am working on proposals to contract with other companies so that I can have more ownership over my work and life. Thank you for all of your help!" Marketing VP in Career Reinvention Program 
  • "This has been ridiculously helpful. I feel so much relief right now. Thank you."  Early Career Attorney in The Action Plan Program 

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