Use If This, Then That Conditions to Manage Tasks and Improve Productivity

Do you struggle with managing your to-do list? Consider using If This, Then That triggers to help.

First, identify the tasks you tend to resist, procrastinate on, or avoid. Create a list of these tasks. Then, make another list of tasks that you enjoy doing and have fun with. Categorize all your tasks by type, such as Marketing, Fitness, and Administrative. 

Next, create your If This, Then That trigger. For example, if you complete a task from your unfun list, allow yourself to move on to a task from your fun list. Hold yourself accountable and make small progress every day.

If you still struggle with completing tasks from your unfun list, commit to micro-movements from that list. For instance, exercise for five minutes or spend five minutes on an unfun task before moving on to a fun task.

If you experience setbacks or find yourself not making progress, conduct a Functional Analysis to identify the problem. Keep it simple and find easy solutions to overcome the issue. Manage or...

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